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Fort Worth Home Inspections

Fort Worth Home Inspections

Texstar Inspections, LLC is committed to customer satisfaction in Fort Worth, Texas and we don't answer to anyone but you.  We take pride in helping people in our community who need competent and honest real estate inspection services.  We will take the time to answer all of your questions and to perform a comprehensive inspection. Take your time and read our REVIEWS on the HOME PAGE! Your new home is to great of an investment  and you want to be sure it is safe!  Please don't put your family in danger by using the "CHEAP INSPECTOR"!  Call me NOW! @ (214) 500-6771 Brian K. Moxley

Why Choose Texstar Inspections LLC?

We won't let you buy a Money Pit!

Home Inspection Services

We have the following inspection services for you:

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Fort Worth, Texas Home Inspections


Fort Worth, Texas is located near the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. It is the perfect relocation area for your new home, whether you are a new home buyer or planning to build a house I can guarantee you will enjoy living in Fort Worth. I am a professional inspector and have inspected many homes in Dallas County and Collin County. I am certified and fully insured as regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Find foreclosures and invest in the Real Estate of Fort Worth,Tx. but be sure to get a Fort Worth home inspection so you can be sure your not going to buy a money pit! All cities are included in your relocation inspections area.


Brian Moxley has studied for years to produce the most accurate and detailed inspections in the industry.  He can generate detailed reports that include an easy to understand summary and digital photos, so that you have the information is required to make the choices that matter.


Home Inspection Fort Worth, TX


Why is Texstar the Right Inspection for You?

We serve our customers by following three simple ideas:


We protect our client's interests by providing an unbiased inspection.  Our training in the principles of residential construction is extensive.  We have the experience and credentials that count.



Our reports contain highly useful information and well thought out comments.  Along with detailed photos, our reports pinpoint the deficient areas and highlight the positives of a home.



We are here for you when you need us. We offer many different types of inspections and we get you your inspection report within 24 hours via email.

Hire an experienced inspector, one that has experience in inspection, not just construction.  An experienced inspector can find defects that others would not.  Those missed deficiencies could become serious in a while and possibly devalue the home.

Brian K. MoxleyHave your inspector present you with a sample of an inspection they did prior to now for a home that’s around the same age and size as one you expect to buy. A report should contain everything in the inspection, be easy to read and take account of the present defects in the home at the time of inspection.


Download a sample report today.

Customers are encouraged to join us at the moment of the home inspection.  This offers the customer the perfect opportunity to ask questions as defects are discovered.  It can be very much like a course in home maintenance.  If the customer can’t attend they will still receive all the information within the report.


Here is what is typically included in an inspection:


Why Get a Home Inspection?

Getting a home is a tremendous responsibility and a very big commitment.  It is important to know what you are getting for your money and the way that is done is with a professional home inspection.  You will want to know about any potential defects that could mean costly repairs.  You want to know this before you buy the house and not after.

Positive and negative aspects of the house are shown in the report.  The inspection will reveal present areas that need maintenance at the time of inspection as well as anything that is in good condition.

If you are planning on living in your new home for years then the home inspection will be the first step in solidifying your investment.

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