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Garland Home Inspections

Garland Home Inspections

 Garland, Texas Termite Inspections

The Best Home Inspection is not cheap and the cheapest home inspection is not the best!

Garland, Texas home inspections

If you are buying a pre-owned home or even if you are a new home buyer then you have made a good choice by giving me the honor of inspecting your home, Your benefits will by far exceed the cost of the home inspection, I have inspected hundreds of homes in Garland, Texas and have been a proud home owner in Garland for four years now!

If you would like to read the History of Garland, Texas, you should check out the City of Garland, Texas web site! They have the most up to date history you can find on Garland, Texas.

Now if you need a home inspection you can call me 7 days a week and I will gladly answer any questions you may have and promptly schedule you for a time that will benefit your home buying proccess experience, and if you want to schedule online you can do that right here 24 hours a day & 7 days a week.

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Home Inspection Services

We have the following inspection services for you:

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Garland, Texas Home Inspections


Garland, Texas is located in Dallas County. It is the perfect relocation area for your new home, whether you are a new home buyer or planning to buy a pre-owned house I can guarantee you will enjoy living in Garland. I am a professional inspector and have inspected many homes in Dallas County&Collin County as well as Rockwall County I am certified and fully insured as regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Find foreclosures and invest in the Real Estate of Garland,Tx. but be sure to get a Garland home inspection so you can be sure your not going to buy a money pit!


Why Choose Texstar Inspections LLC?

   You should choose Texstar Home Inspections because we care about you and you deserve the best home inspection report to ensure your family is going to be safe in your new or pre-owned home. I won't let you buy a money pit and I promise that I will inspect your home as if I were going to buy it for myself! Read my REVIEWS on the HOME PAGE!  

Service is knowing what the customer needs and doing the job to satisfy those needs.

We deliver results by following three ideas:

Protect, Innovate and Promptly Respond.

We always protect the client's best interests with not only our credentials but also with our experience in home inspection.  We innovate; using digital photography to document the inspection.  We act quickly; responding to every question and by having our reports emailed in 24 hours from the end of the inspection.  Call Brian Moxley today and set up an appointment.  Brian is the owner of Texstar Inspections LLC and is also the inspector.

You must be sure that you are hiring a very experienced inspector. That experience gives the inspector the ability to catch present defects that an inexperienced inspector would not.  If a solitary defect is overlooked, it could later cause problems resulting in major repairs.  That one defect could sink the value in the home

Brian K. MoxleyAsk your potential inspector for a sample of one of their reports from a home that is similar in age and size to the one that you’re buying. A report must be encompassing, written well and provide an account, in detail, of all present issues.  The report should be able to answer many of the questions you probably have about the present defects that were found.

Download a sample report today.

Customers are encouraged to attend the inspection.  If the customer is on site in the course of the inspection then they could ask questions as they come up.  The client can find out more information on the home if they are there in person.  If you cannot make it to the inspection, you’ll still receive the highest quality of reporting.

Home Inspection Garland, TX


What is a Home Inspection?

The home inspection is a thorough visual investigation of the structure of the home from foundation to roof along with the components of the house.  The home inspector is a qualified and highly trained individual that can find present defects in the components and construction of a home.


Home Inspection Report

We provide a home inspection report that goes into detail on the condition of the home.  If present defects are located at the time of inspection then we may suggest further evaluation and can suggest remedies for the defects.


Home Inspections for Home Buyers

Purchasing a home presents one of those points in life where every decision counts.  That kind of pressure can be stressful and getting the right inspector to help makes the difference.  You want an inspector that conducts their work expertly and gives a detailed and accurate inspection that also produces a quality report.  The report is the best way to prevent defects later on.


Home Inspections for Home Sellers

The best thing a home inspection can do for a home seller is to let them know the condition of the home.  When an inspection is done before the house is listed, then it gives the seller the information that they will need to know the asking price of the house in the fair market.  A professional inspection by a Professional Real Estate Inspector can make the process of selling a home much easier.

A Typical Inspection Includes: but is Not Limited to:

What if the Report Shows Defects?

If there’s present defects located throughout the inspection, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t continue with the purchase.  The report shows the condition of the home prior to being purchased.


Why do I Need a Home Inspection?

Buying a house is a huge investment.  Before making that call, it is advisable to know as much as you can concerning the property.

Many aspects of the house, include the positive ones, are shown in the report.  The report also demonstrates what is needed to maintain the house.  A professional inspection can give the best information about the house you are about to purchase.

A home inspection can also be of value to you when you have been in your house for an extended time.  An inspection will identify present areas at the time of inspection that could pose problems and can offer solutions to reduce repair costs and save money.


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