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Plano Home Inspections

Plano Home Inspections

Texstar Inspections, LLC is committed to providing customer satisfaction for home buyers in Plano, Texas  We take pride in our Home Inspection Reports and have inspected hundreds of homes in Plano, Texas.

 When you choose me as your real estate inspection service, you get a 200% Guarantee!  We will take the time to answer all of your questions and to perform a comprehensive inspection, this I promise you!

 Please take the time to view our Sample Report and read our Reviews on the Home page.

 Don't waste your time or jeaprodize your families safety by hiring a cheap inspector, that could end up costing you thousands of dollars later!

 Call me now and we can discuss your home inspection needs in Plano, Texas.  My cell phone # is (214) 500-6771 Brian K. Moxley  or Schedule Online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Home Inspection Services

We have the following inspection services for you:

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Plano, Texas Home Inspections


Plano, Texas is located near the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. It is the perfect relocation area for your new home, whether you are a new home buyer or planning to build a house I can guarantee you will enjoy living in Plano. I am a professional inspector and have inspected many homes in Dallas County and Collin County. I am certified and fully insured as regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Find foreclosures and invest in the Real Estate of Plano,Tx. but be sure to get a Plano home inspection so you can be sure your not going to buy a money pit! All cities are included in your relocation inspections area.

 Plano Home Inspector

Hello I am Brian K. Moxley your Plano, Texas home inspector, I can give you many reasons to hire me to inspect your new or pre-owned home in Plano, Texas.

 I can assure you that as a full time home inspection professional that my utmost concern is giving you as my client the best home inspection that you can buy in Plano, Texas.

 I give you a 200% Guarantee and an easy to read inspection report that is detailed and complete with digital photographs.

 Of course you are invited to attend the complete inspection of your home, and I will give you great ideas on how to maintain your home as well.

Service is the entire understanding of what the customer wants and the expert execution of the job to fulfill our clients expectations.

We deliver results by following three ideas:


Texstar Inspections is licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission, and we are dedicated to protecting our customers and maintain Error and Omission Insurance as mandated by the Texas Real Estate Commission.



Our inspection reports contain useful comments, detailed photo documentation of issues and locations.


Responsive Service

Brian is always quick to respond to inquiries made by his customers.  Call and speak with Brian, the owner and inspector @ (214) 500-6771

Hire an experienced inspector, one that has experience in inspection, not just construction.  An experienced inspector can find defects that others would not.  Those missed defects could become serious afterward and possibly devalue the home.

Brian K. MoxleyAsk your potential inspector for any sample of one of the reports from a house that is comparable in age and size to the one that you’ll be buying  A report needs to be encompassing, written well and supply an account, thoroughly, of present issues located at the time of inspection.  The report should be able to answer many of the questions you may have about the issues that were found.

Download a sample report today.

Customers are encouraged to join us at the moment of the home inspection.  This provides the customer the ideal opportunity to ask questions as defects are discovered.  It can be very much like a course in home maintenance.  If the customer can’t attend they’ll still receive all of the data in the report.


Texstar Home Inspection Plano, TX


What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a detailed examination of both the structure and the components of a home.  The investigation covers everything from the foundation of the home to the roof and everything in between.  The home inspector is a superbly trained person in detecting defects in the many working components of homes.


Home Inspection Report

We provide a home inspection report that goes into detail on the condition of the home.  If there are present defects located at the time of inspection, then we recommend remedies for those defects and possibly further evaluation.


Home Inspections for Home Buyers

Home buyers need a home inspection to make sure they know specific details about their home condition.  Having this information gives you the power to make sound decisions about the price of the house and any possible repairs that it may need.  Without this report you could spend more money than you should.  A report could literally save you hundreds of thousands of dollars if something wrong is found with the structural integrity of the property.


Home Inspections for Home Sellers

A Texas Professional Real Estate Inspector offers a Professional Home Inspection which can provide valuable information for a home seller.  By having a home inspection performed before the house is put on the market, you will have a better idea of the actual condition of the house before you put up the for sale sign.  This can make the entire process of selling a home much easier.


A Typical Inspection Includes: but is Not Limited to:


What if the Report Shows Defects?

Finding defects in a house you are going to buy won't mean you can't buy it.  You will just need to factor in the cost of having to fix the defect.  That can be negotiated from the price of the house or from any other costs associated with deficiencies of the home.


Why do I Need a Home Inspection?

The buying of a house is one of the biggest decisions a person will make in their life.  It is a very large investment and you are committing a good part of your life to that investment.

The home inspection also includes positive aspects of the house.  It will also show what will be needed as far as continuing maintenance to keep the property in top condition.  Having a professional home inspection will give you the best understanding of the house you are buying so that you can rest easy.

A home inspection can also be of value to you if in case you have been in your home for a long time.  An inspection will identify areas that could pose an issue and can offer solutions to reduce repair costs and save money.


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